The Exhibition

Behind the Seen - Finnish and German ceramic art exhibition at Porvoo Art Hall
15.04. - 08.05.2016

The theme for the exhibition is collaboration and it's hidden nature in ceramic art. The artworks exhibited at Porvoo Art Hall have been created in a multiprofessional collaboration or will contemplate the exhibition theme otherwise, since we have asked the exhibiting Finnish and German artist and artist groups to approach the exhibition theme freely. The exhibition call was open for The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo and German Kunsthandwerker Baden-Württemberg e.V. members.

Ute Beck, Germany
Åsa Hellman, Finland
Katri-Maria Huhtakallio, Finland
Catharina Kajander, Antero Kahila & Kirsi Poutanen, Finland
Markus Klausmann, Germany
Katja Kotikoski, Finland
Tiia Matikainen, Finland
Angela Munz & Claudia Mayer, Germany
Heide Nonnenmacher, Germany
Matias Liimatainen, Mari Paikkari & Laura Pehkonen, Finland
Riikka Latva-Somppi & Mervi Haapakoski, Finland
Heidi Aulikki Puumalainen, Finland
Veera Tamminen, Finland
Satu Turunen, Finland
Barbara Wieland, Germany


We have asked the Finnish and German individual artist and artist groups to study the exhibition theme in their art works but to approach the theme freely. The submitted art works have been curated to exhibit the multiple view points.  

The theme and the art works will be based on ceramic material and the idea of material based art, craft and design. The exhibition will convert the discussion to the field of contemporary art. For curating and researching the subject we'll bring other materials next to ceramics. For the show, we were looking for pieces that have been created in a multi professional collaboration and art works that will contemplate the subject otherwise. 

The exhibited artworks are created in collaborations, for example Catharina Kajander’s terracotta sculpture has been created together with a musician and Barbara Wieland’s ceramic works ponder the after effects of an art project with refugee children. The artists groups will create new artworks for the show while interacting with each other, and also the past collaborations will be exhibited, such as Markus Klausmann’s hommage art works, or the results of Riikka Latva-Somppi’s and Mervi Haapakoski’s creative working processes. The upcoming ceramic art exhibition will bring up the hidden collaborations as well, therefore, the collaborators on the background such as mold makers and wood firers will be shouted out.

The ceramic art exhibition Behind the Seen is a part of a long term project between The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo and the German Bund der Kunsthandwerker Baden-Württemberg e.V. The exhibition in Porvoo is a mutual gesture for a long term collaboration with our German colleagues and a response for a collaborative ceramic art exhibition held at the Historical Ceramics Museum at the Ludwigsburg castle in Summer 2014.

The opening of the Behind the Seen -exhibition took place 14.4.2016 at Porvoo Art Hall.

Currently the project aims to travel as a new exhibition to Germany.

Porvoo Art Hall
Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1 
06100 Porvoo

Opening times: 
Tue-Fri 10-18
Sat-Sun 11-16 

free entry